Cookie policy

Below, we will explain what cookies are, what they do, what kind of cookies and logs are used on our website and why. To the extent that this policy relates to personal data, it is also part of our Privacy Notice.

1. Contact details
Alfa Wassermann B.V. is the data controller and with its headquarters at Lorentzlaan 5, 3401 MX IJsselstein, the Netherlands ("Alfa Wassermann") and registered at the Dutch Chamber of Commerce with number 30102846.

2. What is a cookie?
Cookies are small text files, given ID tags that are stored on your computer's browser directory or program data subfolders. Many websites automatically download cookies to a user's computer, phone or tablet's hard disk. They are primarily used in helping websites recognize a user that has visited the website previously, such as simplifying the logging on process for registered users or they help you resume where you left off. They can store account and password information, theme selection, and preferences and other customization functions. Most web browsers automatically accept cookies.

A cookie has a certain validity period starting on the moment it is stored on a computer. After the validity period has lapsed, the cookie will be deleted by your browser. For some cookies, the validity period is the duration of the browser session. Other cookies remain valid for a longer period so they can be recognized at a next visit to our website.

Should you wish to learn more about cookies, please take a look at the informative All About Computer Cookies website (

If and insofar we collect personal data using cookies, we process these personal data in accordance with the below and our General Privacy Notice, also to be found on our website.

3. Cookies on our website
3.1 Functional (necessary) cookies
We use a functional (session) cookie that is necessary to enable navigation across secured parts of the website (Distribution Document Download Login Area). The session cookies may contain information that we have in the database which was collected/created during registration. For example, email address and a unique randomly generated ID value for that user.

In our Contact Us forms, we also use sessions cookies so the user does not need to re-enter information if they get the challenge numbers wrong.

The functional (session) cookies are in principle only valid for the duration of your browser session.

In order to hold your preferences in accepting or rejecting our cookies, we need to place a functional cookie.

These are our own cookies and can only be accessed by those of our employees we authorized to do so. We do not share the data collected with third parties unless we have an obligation to do so.

3.2 Analytical cookies
Analytical cookies record how visitors use our websites (for example, page views, geographical location, source, time spent on website or webpage whether or not other internal links were clicked). This information may be used to analyze the use of our websites and generate statistics. This enables us to better understand our website visitors and improve the websites using that knowledge. We use the Google Analytics service for this purpose and have a data processor agreement with them. For that reason, analytical cookies of the provider of this service, Google Inc., are stored via our websites.

To safeguard your privacy as much as possible, we have removed the last octet of your IP address, do not allow advertising, turned the USER ID function off and do not make use of other Google services in combination with Google Analytics cookies. Based on the data collected using these cookies, Google drafts anonymous reports for Alfa Wassermann with regard to the use of our websites.

For more information about these cookies and their validity term, click here. Should you wish to make use of the opt-out possibility in relation to Google Analytics option click here. Should you wish to read more about the Google hosted "analytics.js" file used on our pages, click here.

3.3 Social media and other website cookies
We have inserted social media buttons on our website, which gives access to a multitude of social media and websites. The provider of this service or the owner of the website can also store cookies on your computer if you click on a social media option or other website. These cookies may include functional cookies that facilitate the social media options or websites, but may also include analytical, tracking or other cookies. They can use these cookies and the information collected by them for their own purposes. For more information, we refer to their cookies and privacy policies.

We do not store or read the cookies related to social media or other websites. That is done by the relevant social media provider or website owner. We have limited knowledge of and no control over these cookies. Consequently, we accept no responsibility or liability for these social medial or other website cookies or for how they use the collected information or process data.

4. Logs
Logs are text files storing information on the server. The logs are kept for the aggregation and analysis of data collected on this website. While visiting our website, certain information is automatically logged about how you are using our website. The Microsoft webserver uses a standard log file format to capture user information. We try to pseudonimize and/or anonymize data as much as possible and this will not be transferred to third parties who can use this for their own purposes.

Logs are stored for an indefinite period for analysis purposes.

5. Rejecting and deleting cookies
You can set up your browser in such a way that no cookies are stored, that you can accept or reject each cookie or such that all cookies are deleted when you close your browser. Useful information for managing cookies can also be found on the above-mentioned All About Computer Cookies website (, including information on how to set your internet browser to reject cookies.

Cookies are stored on every computer you use to visit websites. If you do not wish to receive any cookies at all, you should change the settings on all the computers you use.

Please note that if you reject and/or delete cookies, this will also affect the strictly necessary cookies or logs. This may limit the options for using our websites or parts thereof, you may experience reduced website functionality or manually adjust some preferences every time you visit our website.

6. Questions
If you have any questions related to this Cookie Policy, please reach out to the (Acting) General Manager of Alfa Wassermann ( or the General Counsel of Alfa Wassermann, Inc. (

7. Complaints
If you have any complaints about how we handle cookies or any indications of misuse, please contact us, see above under 6. We would be happy to help you find a solution.

If your personal data are involved, you can also file a complaint with the Dutch Personal Data Protection Authority (

8. Changes
We keep our Cookie Policy under regular review and therefore our Cookie Policy may change from time to time, so please review this page on our website from time to time. If the changes are significant, we will provide a more prominent notice (including, for certain services, a website or email notification of changes).

This Cookie Policy was last updated on 5 July 2018.